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Optimism about China lifting declining Western economies is misplaced

December 19, 2011

Les Lothringer, Shenzhen From: The Australian December 17, 2011 12:00AM

Optimism About China Lifting Western Economies is Misplaced


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Supply Contracts In China – Some Short Notes

December 5, 2011

One reason contracts are used in The West is because they are enforceable.

There are other reasons contracts are used and those includes acting as a precise communications statement regard requirements re product specification and quality standards, costs, quantities, supply guarantees and so on.  A comprehensive and clearly written contract is a reference point for negotiations, should variations occur.

It is because of this latter group of reasons that one uses contracts in China, taken always with locating a reliable supplier and developing a good relationship which remain paramount.

No contract can be a substitute for Read more…

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Stir Fry

November 22, 2011

GuangZhou, Southern China – Here’s a question. How many local staff does it take to run a foreign owned plastic film production line located by the Pearl River in Southern China?

Answer – A whole lot less than were actually deployed.

While consulting to this packaging film plant in GuangDong Province, I was reminded of the same over-deployment of local staff as I saw in an East Javanese plant in Surabaya, Indonesia. And local staff over-deployment again in the North Eastern Chinese city of ChangZhou, JiangSu Province, where industrial consumables were being made with too many people and not enough Read more…

Succeeding in China– It’s the Culture

November 18, 2011

ShenZhen, Southern China – It is common knowledge amongst expatriates working and living in China  for some time that there have been far too many foreign businesses that fell well short of the outright successes they could have been.  As the Chief Finance Officer of a popular American FMCG remarked to me recently, “we are losing money all over China”.  Back home their brands are strong and profitable! 

Home office executives, comfortably head-quartered in far off lands, may not always get it.  Their Foreign Invested Enterprises are sinking into a nightmare of losses and the monthly cycle of head office reporting becomes an exercise in financial contortions. 

It has been said of China that “all things are possible but nothing is easy”.  To this I add – Read more…